Literacy videogames and pop culture response

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Literacy videogames and pop culture response

Post  Nicklauskro on Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:22 am

Gee uses literacy in this paper to take a more in depth look on literacy and relate it to other situations. Gee states multiple times that the school lacks in using in depth literacy. He talks about the difference between situated and verbal literacy. He shows that there is more to literacy than just reading. He implied that one also must be able to understand and put the new information to practice before truly being literate.

I completely agree with Gee's argument. I did not have much trouble with understanding his argument. I appreciated the examples he used and could relate to most of them. The way he talks about school and lack of situated learning is also accurate for me. I had one math teach who made us "play the game" then write our own "instructions" with a little assisted help. I have never learned more in a class before.

I am literate in: average level reading, writing, texting,e-mailing, most modern technology.


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