Response on "Literacy, Video Games, and Popular Culture"

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Response on "Literacy, Video Games, and Popular Culture"

Post  maddiesch on Wed Feb 27, 2013 12:43 am

James Paul Gee uses the interaction of video games to describe literacy in this paper. Gee goes in depth on the usage of the small booklet for information to the bigger words used in video and card games. He believes that media games grow a child's mind and understanding of complex things he or she will learn a lot later in their future. Literacy is a form in which one grows understanding of the world and words through a fun way.

I was really surprised and completely understood Gee's definition. When I think literacy, I think of books and words, and from last class, literate people and different languages to express our feelings. His use of explaining social media was very smart. The hard words on the game cards or in the booklet, the strategical thoughts for each move their player makes, and the critical thinking of how each move would effect their player in the end was truly an in depth proof of Gee's belief. I really liked his argument, and it really made me look at video games in a different way.

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