Literacy Definition

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Literacy Definition

Post  Atticus P on Fri Feb 22, 2013 7:21 am

Because Wikipedia gives a broader description of what literacy is, I will use it to summarize what the word means and describe what it encompasses. To have literacy means to be able to fully understand a language, or another given medium of communication, and be able to think critically of it. Probably the most essential components of literacy are the ability to read some text in a given language and be able to describe what you just read, and hear words from said language and know what those words mean. From there, the aspect of understanding broadens. You begin to write on your own through your given language, read and understand more complex writings, and then be able to criticize a piece of writing you read or a speech you heard.
Types of literacy include understanding a world language (English, French, Portuguese, etc.), number systems and mathematics, and even electronic means of communication, such as through email or text messages.

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