Reiki Healing Therapy

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Reiki Healing Therapy

Post  kathrynad on Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:04 pm

The article was very well written. The author did a good job of pulling the readers in and also keeping the readers interested. The author explained Reiki extremely well and you could tell that he knew a lot about it and did a lot of research for this article. The article was also an easy read because the author did a good job of using transitions and as a whole the article just flowed.

The things I did not like about this article were that the author kept talking about the controversy associated with Reiki and I did not understand why he would keep talking about all the bad things when this was supposed to be an article about the Reiki healing therapy. The author really didn’t make it clear on whether he liked the Reiki healing therapy or if he agreed with all of the controversy.


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