Reki Healing Therepy Response

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Reki Healing Therepy Response

Post  maddiesch on Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:01 pm

Weasel words are words used as false pretenses to the audience. Most of the time, these words can be taken literal when fundamentally they are not saying the same thing. An example that the website uses is "up to 50% off" which even though says 50% off it means some items will be 50% off and others will be less than 50% off. Its an advertising slogan used to trick the audience to come to stores and restaurants that don't have much of a deal.

In the article Reki Healing Therepy, I had a lot of trouble reading it, not because of the way it was written, but because the article didn't flow at all. The story kept going on and on, and the writer just kept jumping from thought to thought. I needed to see a use of transition words. I was always asked by my English teachers to use transition words like adverbs and phrases starting with a preposition.

Another thing that I did not like about the reading was it's lack of emotion. It just rolled along without using a story, a personal basis, or even expression verbs to make the reading more exciting. I think the person should talk about their personal bias on the therapy in the introduction paragraph, and then, they can talk about it's origin.


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