Reiki Healing Therapy

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Reiki Healing Therapy

Post  mgreteman on Fri Feb 15, 2013 12:28 pm

I really liked how the essay sample was set up. It was easy to follow and was well organized. I also liked the fact that the writer gave sufficient information about Reiki healing therapy in the beginning of the essay. There was really no difficult language used which made the reading relatively easy to follow and understand. The way the essay was written really made it easy for me to keep my attention focused on it. I think that the writer was very successful in taking a topic that may not be interesting to most people and presenting it in a way that keeps our attention focused on the essay.

There were some grammatical errors in the writing that I noticed, which was somewhat upsetting. The writer also was somewhat up and down when it came to his or her beliefs in this type of healing therapy, which was difficult because there was not a clear understanding of what position he or she took on the topic. I also wish that the writer would have elaborated a little bit more on the process of Reiki healing therapy, just for clarification.


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