Reiki Healing Therapy Response

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Reiki Healing Therapy Response

Post  AdisaNasufovic on Thu Feb 14, 2013 10:51 pm

The “Reiki Healing Therapy” reading was in fact very interesting and catchy. The author did a great job in explaining the word Reiki. While reading the second and third paragraph, I could tell the author did a lot of research; also I liked that the author gave her own opinion while writing actual facts about the Reiki Healing Therapy. Overall, I think the essay was written well.

"Weasel words" are statements which appear to assert something but subtly imply something different, opposite or stronger in the way they are made. In this essay there were a lot of things mentioned by the author, but yet these things were hard to actually believe to be accurate. I did find a couple of grammar mistakes, but nothing extra noticeable. One thing that was running through my mind while I was reading “Reiki Healing Therapy” was what kind of paper is this? Maybe an informative since the author is giving the readers a lot of info about the subject?


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