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Post  nathanfree on Thu Feb 14, 2013 10:13 pm

Nathan Freeman
English 1000
February 10, 2013

Reading Response

I found this particular essay, “Reiki Healing Therapy”, very interesting and very persuasive. It could almost be described as an advertisement article one could find in a newspaper or magazine. The writer did an excellent job of giving the reader many details and described Reiki healing therapy in the most positive and persuasive ways they could. After reading this many times, I could not find a sentence that seemed unfit for the topic. The writer was very good at including only information that was needed. The introduction is an excellent example of the writer giving only information that was needed, and focusing on the plot.
Although this may be a well written and very persuasive essay, it also can be described as a weasel word essay. Wikipedia states that, “weasel words can imply meaning far beyond the claim actually being made.” Much of the material and information, in this essay, seems extremely far-fetched and difficult to believe. The writer states that it “is a revolutionary form of healing” and “is used to treat the body through triggering the immune system to fight off any disease causing micro-organisms.”


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