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Post  Demetrius.Ste on Thu Feb 14, 2013 9:41 pm

Overall I liked the topic of the reading, I found it interesting to learn about a new healing method. I like how the writer gave us background on of the therapy, as in, defining what the name actually means. I felt like they gave us a good understanding of what the Reiki healing therapy is. I also like how they gave us some negatives about it as well, when they mentioned about how some hospitals do not approve of it. Personally I feel that saying that hospitals doesn't support it was a good addition, because it changes the form of the writing.

After reading this I had a few questions about it. For example, what type of reading was this? Is it informative, persuasive, etc? Another question was why don't the Catholic hospitals agree with the method? Is it something religious they have against it? If even though I felt like it was a good addition, why would they add the part hospitals not agreeing with the therapy? Couldn't that change the reader's perspective of the healing? I just feel that it was risky addition, it could either be negative/positive.


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