Reiki Assignment

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Reiki Assignment

Post  SalSciara on Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:38 pm

In the paragraph we read I liked the idea of the reiki healing and how the author eplained how it works. Reiki healing sounds like a good, non-evasive form of healing. I like how the author explained the origin and meaning of reiki. I also like how the author explained how it works in a step by step manner. I thought it was good how the author explained what type of things reiki has been used for too, such as cancers.

One big question I have is how come in the middle of the paragraph the author kept using the word usually. I thought this was a textbook example of a weasel word. It really makes you wonder when an author says something usually works or that it is usually done a certain way. That makes things pretty vague and it makes reiki not very convincing. Another thing I didn't like is that the author never quoted a reiki professional or institution or anything like that. I feel like anything as odd and hard to believe as reiki should have some quotes, stats or people to back it up if your'e trying to teach people or campaign for it, which is what I thought the author's goal was in the reading.


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