pre writing #2

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pre writing #2

Post  nathanfree on Wed Feb 13, 2013 5:31 pm

Nathan Freeman
English 1000
February 10, 2013

Reading Response
The simple-minded online comic of “Cyanide and Happiness” is a series intended for viewing by teenagers to young adults. The use of crude humor makes it obvious who the true audience is and with the use of simple expressions, grammar, color, and art style it is even more obvious who the intended audience truly is. This is a very laid back comic series that always gets the point across with ease. The targeted audience can be described as a group that is uninterested in complex and detailed comics, and is searching only for simple humor.
Every morning, at a younger age, I would patiently wait for my father to finish reading the newspaper. During this time of my life, I obviously was not interested in the business or economics section of the paper. The only section of the paper I seemed to care about was the comic section. Whether it was “Zits”, “Garfield”, or “Dennis the Menace” I was always excited to open up the comic section and share a few laughs with my father. Today, I still enjoy reading comics, even though I have realized how corny they can potentially be. A comic I would have enjoyed reading, if given the chance, in my younger age would have been the web comic “Cyanide and Happiness”. It is built strictly by simplicity and getting the point across, like many other comics I would have read. However this online comic can be thought of as being much more simpler than other comics that you might find in the newspaper.
I found it much easier to write the untraditional version compared to the traditional version of the introduction for the reading response. I felt as if I was writing what I wanted to in this paragraph. Although it may have not been written better, I did feel much more comfortable writing this version of the introduction because I could write the way I wanted in a way that best fits my writing style.
Things to notice:
1. Facial expression
2. Grammar
3. Writing style
4. Font
5. Color scheme
6. Page layout
7. Captivation
8. Art style
9. Audience; who is being targeted?
10. Author’s background


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