Pre-Writing assignment #2

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Pre-Writing assignment #2

Post  Demetrius.Ste on Wed Feb 13, 2013 1:04 pm

The “Joy of Tech” is new style type of blog that appeals to life today. It discusses the usage of technology through cartons and comedy. This blog expresses how our world takes advantage of today’s technology, and uses it against us in a way. Basically, it’s just painting a picture that we cannot function without technology. Just think about it, can you go a day without your phone? Most people would answer “NO”, mainly because our phones are a necessity now. The “Joy of Tech” is a versatile blog that ties in a real world message, and displays it in a way that all audience can connect to it.The main message of this blog is that as a people, we rely on technology too much and use it to much as well.

Wish you had a life “undo” button? Or ever tried to “close the window” of an annoying person talking to you? If so than you have been on the computer too long. How about using your phone to call or text for you? Or how about opening up a door to a building, when all you have to do is wave your hand at a motion sensor? It is clear that we are “in love” with our technology, and it has been a great improvement for our lifestyles. Although, as much as an improvement it has been, technology has also made us lazy and isolated. Think about every time you are in a room with friends, when you look around everyone’s face is in their phone screen. All this together is the purpose for the “Joy of Tech”, it shows us how technology has taken over our lives. With technology we can’t function, and “Joy of Tech” is the eye opener to our laziness and technology take over.

Writing this two paragraphs weren’t as difficult as I thought it would be, because I am very interested in the blog and its message. Although I did get stuck on creating a thesis statement because, I knew what I wanted to say, but I didn’t know how to say it. The inspiration I got for these two paragraphs was that I feel that I can say about a lot about the blog. I believe I can say more on the message of the blog, rather the blog itself. I also got stuck on how I wanted to express the paragraphs, because I didn’t know how to word them. For the most part I enjoyed writing these paragraphs, because I was able to show my creative side. In the past my creative paragraphs are better than my traditional paragraphs.
1. Look at blog’s message.
2. How the blog is presented. (pictures, text, etc.)
3. Who’s the audience?
4. Point of view from author & reader.
5. Grammar
6. Organization
7. How the audience reacts to blog.
8. Content
9. Art of the blog
10. Writing Style



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