Prewriting Assignment #2

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Prewriting Assignment #2

Post  SalSciara on Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:55 pm

In this paper I am going to analyze different aspects of The Huffington Post blog. I am going to talk about the visual appeal of the website. I also will analyze the language and content of the posts. I will make claims of why my community works as an audience for the blog. Also I will discuss the language choice and content of the community. The main point I will get across is that The Huffington Post does a good job of appealing to a large group of people.

The Huffington Post's blog has consistently been one of the most if not the most popular blog on the internet. The Huffington Post appeals to a large group of people through politcal and general news storys around the United States and world. This blog gets the point or story across with a quick, effiecient delivery and topics that the general public is intrested in. The comments posted by the audience are also quick and filled with passion that we often see in political arguements. The Huffington Post is one of the top blogs out there.

I thought it wasn't to difficult to type these introductions out. In the first paragraph the trouble I seemed to have was with maintaining a good flow because I was trying to follow traditional stlye of an intro. The second paragraph the trouble I thought i had was in having a good structure. I like how the traditional intro outlines what is going to happen in the paper. The the i like about the other paragraph is that it just sounds better.

List of tools
- Delivery of posts
- Neutral analysis
- Analyzing from authors point of view
- Analyzing from readers point of view
- Analyzing from commenters point of view
- View from business or marketing standpoint
- Logos
- Pathos
- Ethos
- Rhetoric


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