Prewrting assignment 2

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Prewrting assignment 2

Post  taylorfoster on Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:44 pm

Introduction 1:
The best blog on the internet is called “Betches Love This.” However, this blog is not a very universal blog. This blog is meant for a specific audience and certain type of person. The writers of this blog use a certain type of humor that could offend a lot people. The blog “Betches Love This” is meant for “girly girls” who care a lot about current new drama and like to laugh at current events and other people.
Introduction 2: (similar to introduction in post yesterday)
If a college freshman is not familiar with the website “Betches Love This”, I feel she should re-evaluate her life as a collegiate. The website touches on all topics that pertain to the life of a “betch”. If a girl is already a “betch” and checks out the site, she will no doubt find herself asking, “Wow, is this my life or is this my life?” If she isn’t a “betch” but still ventures onto the site, she will soon be strategizing on how she can achieve the prestigious rank that is “betch status”.
Paragraph 3:
I thought that the first introduction was a lot more difficult to write than the second introduction. When I was writing the first paragraph I felt more pressure to make a more serious paragraph. When I was writing the second paragraph it came very easy to me because I could be creative and write whatever was on my mind. I thought the hardest part writing the first paragraph was have to follow certain unwritten rules in a normal introduction paragraph. I am a lot better writer when I can be more creative and fun with my writing.

List of things to notice:
- Creativity
- Grammar
- Transitions
- Structure
- Organization
- Vocabulary
- Color scheme
- Audience
- Comments left on blog
- Writing style


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