Prewriting Assignment 2

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Prewriting Assignment 2

Post  kirstenpollmann on Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:12 pm

College Prep is a blog, written by a recently graduated college student, which keeps readers updated on the latest trends, fantastic recipes, beauty tips and life. With pictures, quotes, videos and basic postings, the author captures the audience of teenagers to an early twenties audience. These readers are not only reading through her posts, but they also responding to each post giving this blog a sense of community. This new found community also shares their ideas of their own and you will actually see the author responding back and interacting with conversation.

College Prep just another sorority blog? This was my immediate reaction to the blog title and the typical color theme of pink and lime green. But as I read through the many postings, I got a sense of community and actually creative ideas. This blog updates teenage and early twenties females with latest trends, fantastic recipes, beauty tips and life, just in general. The author captures and keeps the audience’s attention by using pictures, quotes, videos and basic postings.

Formal writing has always given me trouble ever since high school, so when I looked at the assignment and it said to write a “traditional” I automatically cringed a bit. It took me a while to get a thesis together and write with a solid flow. But after a while I got back into the swing of it. When I read through the second part I felt a wave of relief when it allowed us to get out of the “traditional” state of mind. I definitely felt more in my element when writing the second paragraph.

List of Tools
- Organization
- Grammar
- Use of words
- Transitions
- Color and Format of the blog
- The variety of medias used to post
- Author’s connection with audience/followers
- Credibility
- Attentive to posting schedule
- Staying on topic


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