Pre-Writing assignment #1

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Pre-Writing assignment #1

Post  Demetrius.Ste on Wed Feb 13, 2013 5:16 am

The blog I am choosing to write about is titled “The Joy of Tech”, by Nitrozac and Shaggy. When I first was introduced to this blog, I automatically thought of comedy. That’s basically what it has but also integrates a message and a little intelligence as well. Out of all of their comics, one comic specifically shows all three of these things. It was called “A Sign you’re on the computer too much”, and it gave just that. This comic gave examples of us trying to use computer technology in real life situations, for example, trying to pinch and zoom on real life windows. Or try and “close the window” on people who annoy us. So the comic overall presented itself as this humorous intellectual message.

The “Joy of Tech” really appeals to all audiences, because with this modern world we cannot function without our technology. From young to old everyone uses some form of technology. I also feel that people who are against technology as well, because they will see it as a mockery. I think that this appeals to all audience, although I think everyone will interpret it differently. Meaning, those who support technology will just look at it as something funny. On the other hand, non-supporters will take it for the message it is trying to send, which is technology is “taking over”.

With the audience this blog is talking to, I feel that they truly value the advantages of technology. Seeing that we do everything with it. We use technology to communicate, be a part of the internet social world, conduct business, etc. Also, technology has made life a lot easier for everyone, for example, we can talk to our phone to dial instead of typing the number. Although with this blog the audience communicates with each by commenting on each of the comic episodes. They seem to be the type of audience that agrees with the message it’s trying to send.

I feel that this blog knows who’s its audience and it interacts with well. For example, in their blogs they talk about apple, Facebook, and twitter etc. These are all modern things that the most audience can connect with, even people who don’t follow the blog can relate.


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