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second prewrite

Post  Nicklauskro on Wed Feb 13, 2013 4:15 am

Cyanide and Happiness is a growing web-comic among internet users. It is a comic about two main characters in a very plain setting. The web-comic is written by four main writers. Each of the writers have their own style, however; the style does not change the overall theme of the comic. The main theme of cyanide and happiness is simplicity. From the drawings, to the content everything about this web comic is simple.

If someone were to ask my what the best comic on the internet was, without hesitation I would reply Cyanide and Happiness. Cyanide and Happiness is a simple comic that resolves around the conversation and reaction of two poorly drawn characters. A new comic appears every day alternating between four main writers. Each of the writers has their own style, but none of the individual styles detracts from the comic.

The introduction is often difficult. The introduction could be seen as the most important part in a paper. It draws the reader in and sets the tone for the entire essay. The first couple lines can set the track for the rest of the paper, not only for the reader but for the writer as well. I have difficulty trying to come up a first sentence that grabs the attention, yet leads into a successful first paragraph. It is also difficult to decide how to set the mood of the paragraph and the paper. In the intro deciding how much to include without giving anything major away is difficult. Trying to think of an introduction that would hold my attention usually helps me develop a layout for my own. Also letting my honest opinion about how i would introduce the subject to the intended audience helps greatly.

think about their target audience
what message are they actually trying to portray
look into the actual word used and why they used him
look at the media they used whether its video or pictures or text
look into the visuals of the blog or web-comic
look at the actual content
look into the continuation of a plot, some invite you in others require to be involved in the comic or blog for a while
look at what appeals they are making
do any of the appeals out weight others
why are certain appeals sticking out


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