PreWriting Assignment 2

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PreWriting Assignment 2

Post  AdisaNasufovic on Wed Feb 13, 2013 3:44 am

“Enjoying the Small Things” is a weblog that tells the life of a mother whom is also the author, Kelle, and her loving daughter Nella. This weblog indulges the readers to always believe and have hope. In the next two paragraphs I will explain what captures the audience when they first see the blog and why people continue to read this blog.

When you are on the homepage of the blog “Enjoying the Small Things” the main thing to capture the audience’s attention are the pictures of Nella. Nella is he three year old daughter that has Down syndrome. The blog and picture discuss and show what Nella does in her everyday life. After reading several of the comments on this blog, it seems to me that people continue to read this blog because they are interested in what Nella does and how she is developing every single day. The information the readers are waiting on next is if Kelle’s next baby will have Down syndrome or not.

The first paragraph was harder for me to write because if the first paragraph isn't interesting then the reader will most likely lose interest and won’t pay attention to the rest of the writing. The second paragraph was easier because that is where I basically introduced the blog. Although I still had to make sure the information in the second paragraph was connected to the information in the first paragraph.

Things to notice:
-Well thought out topics
-Text font
-How often it is updated
-Word structure
-Organization (connection between topics)


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