PreWriting Blog Paper #2

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PreWriting Blog Paper #2

Post  maddiesch on Wed Feb 13, 2013 2:21 am

As technology has advanced, our way of communicating has advanced. People use websites, social networking sites, and blogs to express their thoughts to others. These bloggers talk about movies, TV shows, fashion, politics, religion, daily lives, and whatever else they would like to talk about. In the movie "Julie and Julia," a blogger, Julie, made a blog about her experiences with making food Julia Child's cook books. People all over the world can search online to find and read these blogs, and most of the time, bloggers are given comments and criticism. I may not have been a huge fan of blogs, but one blog really got me interested. In the blog "Ellen Adeline Grace," the screen is crowded with hundreds of pictures showing fashion, popular movies and TV shows, and other girl things to bring in a college sorority girl stero-type to read the blog.

One of my favorite things to look at is fashion. The first thing I want to read in my magazines are the fashion pages. "Teen People," "Teen Vogue," "Vogue," "Elle," and "Cosmo" line my shelves with circling my favorite fashion pieces on their pages. As I grew up and got a laptop, I definitely started a looking up fashion and getting my own "Pinterest" account. One day, I decided to click on all of my fashion pieces in "Pinterst" to see if there was a link where I could possibly buy them. As I was looking, I came across this really cute and fashionably stylish blog that I really liked. It was filled with all of my favorite clothes, shoes, handbags, and sunglasses but those weren't the only things that caught my eye. On the first page, there was a moving picture from "21 Jump Street" which is one of my favorite movies. I feel in love. Blogs represent personality, style, and ideas which the blog titled "Ellen Adeline Grace" catches my attention.

On the first paragraph, I kind of kept the mindset that I was writing for class and needed to smoothly go into my thesis and reason for writing this paper. In the second paragraph, I got to write what I really wanted to say. I wanted to go on about my personal life, thoughts, and ideas instead of staying vague and not using the word "I" almost at all. I enjoyed talking about what I wanted to talk about in the second paragraph. It felt almost like I was writing my own blog.

-use of modern technology (creative cover, moving pictures, videos)
-get point across to audience
-fully believe in what they are saying
-blog/comic is updated at least once every month
-uses facts if necessary
-gets criticism and praise
-stays constant with the audience's likes
-keeps the audience interested
-uses a bigger font size
-doesn't play background music


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