WebComic Prewriting 2

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WebComic Prewriting 2

Post  Nick Jones on Tue Feb 12, 2013 5:40 pm

The webcomic "xkcd" is a comic full of complex humor and deep thinking, and is intended for an adult audience of the scientifically gifted. Though it is easily found across the web, there are very few people who read one or two panels and decide that they actually enjoy it. It uses a different sort of appeal from the one that the majority of the public finds funny. It appeals to intellect over body humor, and reason over cheap gags. To further solidify this point, the author is a CNU physics graduate with experience at NASA, who started drawing comics in his spare time. He has since taken solely to writing, and his comics have evolved as he focusses more on them. To decipher them for an audience of the general public is a difficult, but not impossible task. We must look at his appeals, his writing style, his intended audience, and even his personal life.

Physics! Math! Astrology! While fascinating to some, most of the general public find these topics an utter bore, let alone funny. However, the webcomic "xkcd" is looking to change the game. Its writer, Randall Munroe, has, to the delight of the scientific community, put his physics degree to work in an extraordinarily unique way. After working at NASA, he decided to settle down and write this comic. Full of dry humor and deep thinking, "xkcd" is one of a kind. Deciphering it, even as a low level engineering student, will take much investigation into Munroe's writing style and use of appeals, as well as a deep look at his intended audience and even his personal life and influences.

The first paragraph was fairly straightforward, as there was an outline basically dictating what I should write. It was like a fill in the blanks quiz. As it lacked challenge, however, it also lacked excitement. Readers would not be drawn in by it. Similarly, the second paragraph was a challenge to write because I was given freedom. Though it is yet unrefined, I feel that with work the second paragraph could be both well structured and attention grabbing. My inspiration (other than a grade for the assignment) came from reading pages of these comics, as well as past english teachers who have also encouraged creative writing.

Things to notice:
1)Page Layout
5) Art Style
6)Writing Style
7)Time/Date of Posting
8)Author's Background

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