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Post  murphy on Mon Feb 11, 2013 9:40 pm

I decided to write my paper on the blog, "Betches Love this". This is not your usual blog about tedious subjects going on in our area or a boring web comic, this blog has a specific audience and a very distinct type of humor. The writers of this blog don't care about offending people, they preach their views and never let anyone tell them they are wrong. This blog describes, in their own words, why girls are the way they are. The "I don't give a shit what people think attitude" is what these writers are known for, and if they were sensitive to peoples feelings then their entries would not be as interesting.
The audience for this blog is very slim. I would never personally suggest this blog to my dad or grandmother to read because for some people it would just be uncomfortable. the main audience is for teens and women who indulge in materialistic needs and have a high maintenance attitude. Im not necessarily saying that every follower of this blog is a stuck up rich girl, but someone who is insecure with themselves may take the views as offensive.
I like to think of the audience as a self confident teenage girl that finds humor and interest in materialistic things. The audience has to relate to the posts, and if you do not enjoy feminine indulgences, you probably won't understand the writers opinion. The perfect audience would find these topics very relatable to the point that they are humorous. The reader must be able to laugh at herself to find the posts funny.
People comment on the posts and even write in to the site everyday. Many girls ask for advice with things such as boys, sororities, school, ect. The people that write in are the followers that fit the description of a "betch". The writer trys reinstating the description of this girl, one who doesn't care what others think, and thinks very highly of herself. The writer uses actual examples of the women they consider to fit this criteria, and the audience that follows the blog and actually believes in it trys to use these images as role models.


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