Prewriting Assignment 1

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Prewriting Assignment 1

Post  SalSciara on Mon Feb 11, 2013 1:19 pm

The blog I chose is The Huffington Post, politics blog. The blog presents itself as an analytical news blog pertaining to politcs. The blog will take a polital news story and briefly analyze it or sometimes just simply put up a story and not say much about it. Mostly the delievry is straightforward and quick to the point. The blog isn't overly artistic or cluttered, having only about one video or picture of people or events in the post. An example of a straightforward post is one titled, Hilary Clinton Easily The Most Popular. In the post all the author does is sate that fact and give stats from polls and studies pertaining to Hilary Clinton's popularity.

The ideal blog audience for this blog is the American people. More specifically American adults with political intrests. This is a majority of the population, this is proven through The Huffington Post being one of the most popular, if not most popular political website in the United States since its founding. I would also venture to say the most of the audience is liberal because of the site being know for its left-wing ideas. That being said I believe their is a variety in the audience because of the site's popularity and because many Americans don't associate themselves with one party or the other, fully.

The audience, from the comments I've viewed seems to be about 50/50 on thier ideas and political opinions. The commenters are very passionate and strong about their opinions, which is something we see in mostly all politcal arguments and discussions. Some of the the audience comments on a post so that they can advertise their group or cause usually asking the rest of the audience to visit their website or so on. The values of the audience seem to change based on political affiliation or opinion but one value that seems common between most is patriotism and/or concern for the well being of their counrty. The communication of the audience is somewhat arguementive and strong but also short and to the point, a few sentences in most cases.

The Huffington post works well with their audience, as you can tell by their popularity. The blog sometimes puts a liberal spin on their posts to appeal to their left-wing reputation and audience. Although this is true they try to stay moderate to appeal to all Americans. They also keep their posts short and sweet letting the audience form their own opinion and leave behind a large comment section with many different and intresting opinions. The blog also does a good job of putting up popular stories that people want to hear rather than bland or segregated topics. The Huffington Post does a very good job at appealing to a large group of people.


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