Prewriting Assignment #1

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Prewriting Assignment #1

Post  kathrynad on Mon Feb 11, 2013 11:25 am

“Confessions of a Sorority Girl” may sound a bit stuck up or stereotypical but it just a fun place people can go to take their mind off of something or just have a little laugh. In this blog you are able to find out “what goes on inside the mind of a southern sorority girl”. The blog mostly relates to Kitty, the authors, life. She posts about what she is thinking about or what is going on in her own life at the time. Throughout her blog she posts many pictures of herself and the things that she is experiencing around her which makes the blog more life- like and it is almost like you can experience the things she talks about for yourself.

This blog mostly appeals to sorority girls, or just college girls in general. Before even reading what Kitty writes about it is clear that this blog is not intended to be read by men just by looking at the name, “Confessions of a Sorority Girl”. Kitty writes about things that most college girls are going through or thinking about at the time. Kitty is a very witty writer and this is what makes her blogs fun and interesting to read. This blog is a fun way to take a study break because each post is interesting and laughable.

This blog allows you to share each post on facebook, twitter, google, and email. The blog also allows you to write comments at the bottom of the page in if you want to comment on one of the blog posts. When people leave comments they are usually writing to let the author know that she is funny or that they experienced what she was talking about too.

This blog works really with its audience in that the author knows what to write about in order to keep the blog always interesting and it makes the readers want to keep coming back to see what else she has to say. Kitty appeals very well to college students, mostly girls, because she writes about things that usually happen in a college setting so the readers can relate to what she is saying witch makes the blog more interesting in general. Also the fact that you can share her blog posts on facebook and twitter shows that she works well with her audience because these are the two tools that college students use most as their social networking sites. Kitty knows how to connect with her audience because she is writing for people that are similar to her so she just writes what she finds interesting, and because of that, other people similar to her will find it interesting as well.


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