Assignment 4

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Assignment 4

Post  garrettL on Mon Feb 11, 2013 9:40 am

The webcomic I chose was Questonable Content. The audience for this blog is high school and older. This web comic has a lot of simple posts but also has some with controversial content. This is why the audience can be such a large group. A lot of people can relate to atleast one of the comics.
The layout for the web comic I have chosen is a relatively simple one. The background for the site is a dark blue sort of purple color. With the background bring this color it gives it a very relaxed mood to the site. Infront of the background is a solid dark gray box which is where the comics themselves actually sit. The grey gives it a simple feel and allows you to really focus on the comic and not get distracted while reading. The web sites title at the top of the page a black background with big pink letters. This really draws your attention with the rest of the layout being so bland. When you are trying to navigate around the page also the buttons are pink letters. It’s a really easy site to use and I feel the authors did this on purpose so all people would be able to figure the site out. Around the sides of the pages there lacks advertisements which crowd up and distort other web comic . It really sets the mood that it’s just you and the comics so you’ll be able to connect more with them. The few advertisements that are on the site are for other comics and video games. The comics themselves are made in color and have a lot of words. They take place in common everyday places you would go to like grocery stores, restaurants, and in the main characters home. This helps you really connect with comics because you experience those places all the time.
Within the comics they use a lot of speech to help get across the authors message. The vocabulary used in the comics is very simple. The author doesn’t use big words or have to long of dialogues because that could ruin the flow of the comics and distract people from the message. The content in the comics varies from mild to really extreme. The author does some comics where it is very relatable like hanging out with friends or it could be extreme as cigarettes wishing death upon cancer patients. This helps the author draw an audience because almost anyone can relate to atleast one of his comics. Most of the author’s comics follow the main characters troubles in his life. The main character is a man who goes through his life with his friends.
In General Questionable Content is a web comic that is here to entertain. The author covers a wide variety of topics and issues which really helps him connect with his audience.

Rest of Pre Writing.

The audience for this blog seems to be college age and up males. This is what it seems like because of the conversations in the forums. They seem to really connect to them and all have the same views on things. The web comic really works with the audience because alot of the comics are based of a younger mans journey through life. That's the connection between the audience and the comic.


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