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Post  nathanfree on Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:36 am

Nathan Freeman
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February 10, 2013
Comic Reading Response

Every morning, at a younger age, I would patiently wait for my father to finish reading the newspaper. During this time of my life, I obviously was not interested in the business or economics section of the paper. The only section of the paper I seemed to care about was the comic section. Whether it was “Zits”, “Garfield”, or “Dennis the Menace” I was always excited to open up the comic section and share a few laughs with my father. Today, I still enjoy reading comics, even though I have realized how corny they can potentially be. A comic I would have enjoyed reading, if given the chance, in my younger age would have been the web comic “Cyanide and Happiness”. It is built strictly by simplicity and getting the point across, like many other comics I would read. However this online comic can be thought of as being much more simpler than other comics that you might find in the newspaper.
Even though most comics can easily be described as childish and immature, they are enjoyed by every age group from young to old. The comic I chose, “Cyanide and Happiness”, can be described as a simple comic targeting the teenage and college age groups. Especially since much of the dialogue between the characters contains speech about drugs and violence and normally contains immature acts. When reading this, it is easy to imagine the authors as a group of friends who enjoy making comic strips with one another in their free time as a way of having fun. After a visual analysis, I thought to myself that a comic could not get anymore simpler than this. Judging this as a plain comic strip is effortless due to stick figures, easy to interpret emotions, and very few details. In a comic, the visuals greatly affect how it can be interpreted by the reader. For example, the color scheme of “Cyanide and Happiness” is made up of simple colors such as red and blue. Also, the simple facial expressions of the characters from this strip affect how the reader may interpret this piece. But thanks to the simple illustrations many readers would agree that this could be interpreted as an easy to understand comic that does not present any difficulty to follow.
The language of “Cyanide and Happiness” can be described as being just as simple as the visuals. In many comics, such as “Calvin and Hobbes” or “Zits”, we begin to understand and know who the character is through dialogue. However, in this web comic we do not get to know the characters due to the simplicity of the dialogue. It is a comic that the reader can immediately jump in to since there is not an existing plotline that has to be followed in order to understand. It is easy to observe that this comic is strictly humor and is in no way overwhelming or clever. Many comics are different in how they present the dialogue. It is common for bubbles or boxes to be used to show speech and clouds to show thoughts or ideas. In this comic a line leading from the speaker to the words they are saying is used which makes the strip even simpler.
In general, “Cyanide and Happiness” is a very laid back and relaxed comic strip that gets the punch line across very easily. Due to the overall simplicity of the illustrations and language used in this online comic, most readers would assume that the targeted audience members are teenagers to young adults. They are uninterested in complex and detailed comics and are searching only for humor. It seems that the simplicity actually adds to the humor. Unlike many other comics that have achieved popularity for their cleverness, “Cyanide and Happiness” has gained popularity from a younger age audience due to its lack of cleverness.


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