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PreWriting Blog Paper

Post  maddiesch on Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:35 am

As technology has advanced, our way of communicating has advanced. People use websites, social networking sites, and blogs to express their thoughts to others. One blog that caught my attention was Ellen Adeline Grace. The blog is set for an audience of teenage to middle aged sorority girls who have some sort of wealth and like nice and expensive things. The total picture site shows the bloggers personality and feelings without directly writing them down. Among the pictures includes many designer clothes including Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, Lilly Pulitzer, and Vineyard Vines. The dominant feature of the site is clothing and accessories with some insights of quotes, movies, and romantic couples. Even though there are not too many quotes, the ones that are on the site are inspirational and fun. “Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest… It’s about who came, and never left your side.” The blogger believes in strong relationships and love. This quote was a picture of a tweeted message: “God bless the man who puts a ring on my finger because I am hard to handle.” Personal quotes are not the only words on this page. The blogger gets lots of praise from fans and answers their questions. As one does scroll down the site, they can get a sense of the bloggers style, but there are also more hints of the blogger’s personality. Moving pictures of “21 Jump Street” and a big “Reagan and Bush ‘84” sticker allow the readers to feel more like the bloggers best friend by sharing favorite things.

All through the site, people get a sense of this bloggers personality, but who is their blog for? I would think the blog is for girls. It’s a very girly blog backed with clothes and hints of shirtless men. I noticed the blogger used Vineyard Vines in some of her pictures which is known for being the brand for sororities and fraternities, so the wide audience gets downsized to sorority girls. Another thing that caught my eye was that all of the clothes were very expensive, so the girls would have to either want to wear expensive clothes or be able to buy them. Lastly, one specific picture would isolate several girls from the audience and that was the Reagan and Bush picture. Democrat girls would probably feel left out and as though the website was not for them. All in all, the audience would be a dressy college sorority girl who is a Republican.

As I stated in the introductory paragraph, blogs are used for a form of communication in this modern era, and as I have been talking about Ellen Adeline Grace’s blog, I have expressed her love for shopping and all things girlie. The blogger also used TV show jokes like one from Friends saying, “I say more dumb things before 9am, than more people say all day.” There are also pictures from the movies “Friends with Benefits,” “The Gangster Squad,” and “The Notebook.” A girl can’t have a day without checking out some hot guys, so of course in random eras of the site there are muscular boys with and without shirts. The blogger is a very open and personal person. I would think that most people would side with them, but then the blogger has a Republican picture. Throughout the blog, the blogger communicates with very personal ideas and creativity through pictures instead of words from a text message, essay, or handwritten letter.

Why would anyone look at this site? It’s a very trendy site. The blogger has to be a complete “fashionista”. Girls want to see what the new trends are and what clothes they should buy for look for at stores. The blog is also interactive with it’s audience by answering questions and giving thanks for the audiences’ praise. People want to look at this site because it’s fun to look at another person’s likes and ideas because maybe we have the same ones. We might find someone in the world who is just like us, and we can visit this website whenever we want.


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