Pre-Writing Assignment #1

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Pre-Writing Assignment #1

Post  kirstenpollmann on Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:25 am

College Prep is a blog which is written by a graduated college girl who fills girls in on the latest trends, delicious recipes and on her life as a whole. She does this through traditional blog posts, pictures and then sometimes through vlogging, which is video blogging. These different media really keeps the audience’s attention throughout the blog. If there was only paragraph after paragraph of writing I would not be nearly as attracted to the blog. This is a quote from the author's description really gives you the idea of the whole blogs is about, "I am a recent college graduate who loves anything preppy. I'm obsessed with bows, J. Crew, monograms, Lilly Pulitzer, anything vanilla, pink, headbands, cupcakes, Vineyard Vines, Twizzlers, photography, friends, twitter, Kate Spade, lists, Jack Rogers, Ray-Bans, pearls, gchat, Macs, bulletin boards, and post-its." From just looking at the description you get a whole idea of what is in store for you if you read the blog.

The first impression that one would get from a blog entitled "College Prep" is, this is a blog for a bunch of sorority girls, but I assure you it is not only for them. After reading and keeping up with the blog through these past couple months it is definitely clear that the author intended audience are seniors in high school thorough recently college graduated college students. You don't even have to be apart of a sorority to read this blog, it goes out to any girl who loves to keep up with fashion trends, find new recipes and get a little laugh out. This blog exemplifies that you cannot judge a book by its cover, because if you just see the title "College Prep" and just disregard it as another sorority blog you are truly missing out!

The audience communicates with each other by a forum set up. Individuals have their own accounts which they can log into and read through her posts and comment on the post. This usually opens up and expands the blog posting for people to discuss. For instance, if the author posts something about apparel, many people will comment where to find a sweater for a good price or great online websites. Or if its is a recipe or a dinner dish from a restaurant people will comment where a nice restaurant is or other recipes! It is a great way to talk to people with the same interests and be open to new ideas at the same time!

This blogs works with audience by having different ways of presenting the material. Whether she gets her word out through pictures, videos and good old fashion writing. She also has a facebook fan page in which you can like to constantly stay updated on her postings. It really helps that the author is constantly updating her blog and keeping touch with audience to keep her audience. It helps to have the author of a blog so active in her writing because it makes the followers of her blog feel like there is an actually person on the other side of a computer, not just a robot.


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