Prewriting Assignment #1: Blog

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Prewriting Assignment #1: Blog

Post  keenanada on Sun Feb 10, 2013 11:28 pm

Street Etiquette is first and foremost, a fashion and culture blog. The editors’ goal is to inform readers of current ‘street style’ trends. The blog draws inspiration from cultures and styles worldwide. The editors’, Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs, write, “Founded in 2008, Street Etiquette showcases style using a cultural, historical and urban perspective. With sartorial influences stretching from all parts of the world and eras, Street Etiquette has managed to assemble a truly unique view of fashionable menswear.” The blog makes heavy use of videos and photographs to present new styles and trends, in order to appeal to the voyeuristic side of readers. A recent feature titled, “Travel Etiquette: Luanda, Angola” documents Joshua, Travis’ vacation to Africa. The bloggers give the reader an inside look into the styles of the Angolan people. From street markets, to nightclubs, the styles are presented in high definition picture giving the reader a more intimate view inside the African culture.
Due to the excessive use of fashion and music terminology, Street Etiquette is a blog geared towards young, eclectic people with a keen eye for street style apparel. Although directed at mainly one demographic, this blog can appeal to many groups of people. If the prospective reader has interest in fashion, music and gaining knowledge of different cultures than this blog may catch their eye. Street Etiquette makes use of ethos in their blog. Joshua and Travis appear to have extensive knowledge of street style apparel, and they emanate that through their clothing choices and recommendations.
The audience for the web blog appears to be an older, matured demographic. Many forum posts contain impressive grammar and there is an extreme lack of hostility coming from the responders. This gives the impression that the audience may be men and women in there 20’s and 30’s. The audience seems to value new trends in fashion and gaining an understanding of different cultures and how they dress.
What separates Street Etiquette from other fashion blogs is their strong commitment to informing the reader of the culture side of the fashion world. The blog has a set schedule for features are posted. Also, an inspiration section is available in the top navigation bar so the reader is able to understand what the blog stands for and evaluate whether it sparks interest for them. In addition to the online site, Street Etiquette has an Instagram page as well. This gives readers’ the ability to follow the blog through mobile devices.


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