Assignment 4: Blog

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Assignment 4: Blog

Post  taylorfoster on Sun Feb 10, 2013 11:04 pm

If a college freshman is not familiar with the website “Betches Love This”, I feel she should
re-evaluate her life as a collegiate. The website touches on all topics that pertain to the life of a “betch”. If a girl is already a “betch” and checks out the site, she will no doubt find herself asking, “Wow, is this my life or is this my life?” If she isn’t a “betch” but still ventures onto the site, she will soon be strategizing on how she can achieve the prestigious rank that is “betch status”.

What is this so called ‘betch’ you speak of, you might ask? In layman’s terms, a betch is “the girl whose presence demands attention and who all other girls strive to be like”. A betch would be the girl strutting through the college campus genuinely not paying any attention to the little people gazing at her in awe. If you have a class with her, she is the girl whose natural presence is generated by her certainty that she is the best thing since sliced bread. Her life is like a reality show where there is just enough drama to make her life interesting, yet not so much where she needs to get bent out of shape and actually care about what is going on. A betch says what’s on her mind and holds nothing back. She controls most situations. If you are a girl who fits this description or strives to fit this description, then you should be reading and participating in this blog. But, a girl must remember, many try but few succeed at being a “betch”.

On the website you will find “The Betch List”. This list is a master compilation of topics that makes up every betch’s life. Some relevant topics for the college girl are “Starbucks”, “Giving Dirty Looks”, “Expensive Workout Clothes”, “Hummus”, and “Naps”. With each topic there is a blog post describing the place it holds in the world of a betch. For example, in the post about “Naps” we realize they are important because, “As betches, our lives are often jam packed with parties, activities, travels, shopping, and tanning. At the end of the day we're only human and these events will often wear us out.”

Other than The Betch List, you will also find Advice, Gossip, Fashion, Entertainment, and basically any other facet of the betch lifestyle. With so much to know and learn about being a betch, it is definitely hard to keep up. This website will undoubtedly open your eyes to how important of a role these women play in our society. After all, it is a man’s world, but it would not be complete without the “betches”.


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