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Post  Demetrius.Ste on Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:02 pm

In this Q & A it seemed as if Obama was on the defense majority of the time, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Honestly I feel it was the best way to handle things, because he didn't come off as attacking, even though that wasn't the Republicans case. I feel like with most of the questions that Obama was asked, the politicians asked it in a way that was aggressive. For example, when the young man was explaining how Obama said that he was going to go line=by-line about the healthcare plan. That the guy and six other people wrote Obama saying that they wanted to be apart of that, but in the end did not here anything for Obama, nor took any place in the healthcare plan. This statement here show an example of ethos, because the guy explained how happy he was when Obama said certain statements, but disappointed when Obama didn't follow through. Since ethos ties into creditably, according to the guy's statement's Obama wasn't really creditable for his actions/words. An example of pathos would be when the first politician to speak gave the story about the little boy and the letter. Pathos has to deal with emotion, and I feel that the purpose of throwing the little boy in his question was to show that emotion. To show that the people are really concerned about the economy and a better America. Throughout this debate it seemed as if most of the politicians questions somehow tied into taxes. Basically Obama response was that we need to move forward. He said that we can't handle situations like we are in the 90s,80,70, etc. I personally feel that this is an example of logos because that's pure logic, because you can't move forward if you are focused on the past. The overall tone of the different politicians was calm, but a the same time seemed sarcastic. Meaning that they would start off by appreciating Obama and stating that they want to work with him, but then again generally saying that his plan probably isn't working. It just seemed as if they were more focused on changing Obama's policies, then actually working with him as they stated. Majority of there questions focused on money (taxes, budgets, & healthcare), I don't recall them asking/discussing education, violence, etc.


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