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Assign 3 video response

Post  Nicklauskro on Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:29 pm

The entire Q and A between Obama and the republicans was a one sided back and forth. The republicans team up and use one sided evidence against the president. The republicans constantly drill the president on his policies. The republicans only seem to talk about why their methods work and why Obama's weren't satisfactory. They seem to attack the president more than try and solve any real problems. They only mention the evidence, which is just statistics, when it benefits themselves or discredits the president.

Each speaker has his or her own Aristotle appeals. The first speaker tells a story about a young boy and his dad who are struggling in the economy which appeals to the pathos of the situation. As the Q and A develops there is a common trend among the session. The republicans start to criticize his plans and and discredit the president. They try and discredit him by asking the president about events he promised to fix or work on. They also use statistics like the unemployment rate to put him down. Obama, throughout the whole time, uses the logos appeal. He corrects many of the accusations they make against him. He gives reasoning for the unemployment rate among other things and handles everything very calm and intellectually. All and all nothing gets solved. The republicans team up on the president, and the president stays composed and handles himself while holding on to logic and credibility.


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