Assignment 3

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Assignment 3

Post  SalSciara on Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:25 pm

In this question and answer session questions about Obama's new policies are questioned by House republicans and he has a response time to defend his poicies. Ethos is used by Obama multiple times when he claims he works with bipartisan ideas and people in his works. Most specifically when he talks of tax cuts for 95% of the US which is normally favored by republicans. Pathos is used in the begining with the story of the little boy and also towards the end when Obama compliments Paul Ryan's family to try to set examples of peace between parties. Logos is used throughout the whole video by both Obama and the congressmen. Both sides use logic to defend and support their ideas and policies.

The tone of the Q & A session is very fair and sportsman-like throught about the first thirty minutes with everyone being polite and not offinsive in their statements. The tone dramatically changes when the congresswoman from Tennessee throws offensive questions at Obama and at this point for the next 15 minutes or so Obama's comments get more confrontational as do the rest of the questions. The tone starts to switch back towards the end when Obama tries to explain that the parties need to comprimise and work together on both sides using pathos to help calm things.


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