Assignment 3 Obama

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Assignment 3 Obama

Post  maddiesch on Fri Feb 08, 2013 12:59 pm

At the beginning of the questionnaire, a congressman tells a story about a little boy and his father at salvation army. The father expressed his sadness of losing his job and still looking for one. In this story, the congressman used pathos by using a child and his jobless father to succumb to our emotions. People always feel bad for the poor kid who's bright and gave a letter to the president. After the congressman finished his story, President Obama came back giving statistics of the number of job losses each month since he was initiated into the executive branch. Obama used logos to show that he knew about the unemployment rate and that it was rising. He wanted to show his side of view before he expressed his decision to make the stimulus bill. To answer the rest of the question, Obama used ethos to credit his bill and all the work it has done. Although the bill has not completely fixed the unemployment rate, it made things more stable so his next step in fixing the unemployment rate would be more permanent.

Paul Ryan from Wisconsin brought his wife and two daughters to the questionnaire started his question off thanking the president for coming, then he said that the Congress would be behind his back to fix the budget. He offered his help to gain the president's trust and have the president use action against this. Shelley Moore Capito from West Virginia begins her question by looking back at the president's inaugural speech and then talks about West Virginia and that they have coal mines and have a lot of natural resources. Her question ends by asking for the president's help with West Virginia's low employment rate. She relates to her state asking what will be fixed for their specific needs of helping employment with mining and etc. Jason Chaffetz from Utah explains that he is young new congressman who is in the senate to help fix the mess from past senators. He then went on and talked about his disappointment in the way Obama did not go through things that he said he would. Chaffetz expresses Marsha Blackburn from Tenneesee says that the Senate would like to the help the president without causing any governmental problems. She brings up Tenneesee saying that through her experiences in her state they can bring up other problems and solving. She asks when will Obama look at her problems and fix this problem and bring fairness.

Together, the congressmen use logos, ethos, and pathos to relate to the presidents emotions, logic, and critical thinking. They have structured their questions very well for the president to understand their thoughts and get his thoughts as well.


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