Assignment 3

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Assignment 3

Post  garrettL on Fri Feb 08, 2013 12:53 pm

In the Q&A with president Obama the device used the most during both the questions and answers was ethos. Both the president and the people asking questions were using specific examples for their arguments. In the first question asked the guy talked about how with Obama's new plan the unemployment rate went from 7% to 10%. Obama came back with facts about how his plan was not in affect when the rate went up. He gave specific numbers of the amount of jobs lost in the three months before he was officially sworn in. The next speaker to ask a question talked about a plan that he drew up with a senator to help the economy. He used alot of specific numbers and percents to help emphasize his point which again would be using ethos. Obama did use pathos when he said hello to the speaker's family who was there with him. During the rest of the speakers questions ethos was very prevalent. The questions were filled with numbers, and statistics.


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