Assignment 3: President Obama Addressing Republicans

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Assignment 3: President Obama Addressing Republicans

Post  Atticus P on Fri Feb 08, 2013 6:08 am

During the entire Q&A session, I felt that there were two main feelings that were prominent throughout. The first is that the “questions” being asked were essentially rhetorical, and that the republican politicians asking said questions were doing so in an attacking manner, which isn’t necessarily an unheard thing. It’s commonplace in discussions such as this, the attack and defense mindset of the questioner and answerer, respectively. The second is that there is an overly apparent misunderstanding of words and ideas that have been relayed between the democratic and republican parties.

Addressing my first point: the manner of questioning and answering. The beginning of the video was surprisingly pleasant and friendly, such as the banter done between the President Obama and Paul Ryan, especially so when compared to what is normally repeated in the national media. However, as the video went on, slowly but surely this friendly feeling was abandoned. The questioning went from being those whose answer may yield hope or promise to outright interrogation of the president. As I said, though, it is commonplace, and very much expected, no matter the scenario; the exact same thing would happen if the president was a republican and the questioners were democrats. The manner in which the president answered (defended himself) was to produce statements made from economic and health care professionals, with regards to solving the recession and to enact universal health care, and to make clear that he was working towards a bipartisan ideal across all fronts. He also took responsibility for some of the things that the republicans were attacking and accusing him of, which I thought was respectful and showed his mindfulness of his own actions and faults.

My second point: the almost complete misunderstanding between the two parties. In nearly every question that was asked (if not all), the facts that the republicans used to give their questions credibility did not align with the facts that the president used to answer the questions. Almost every time President Obama answered a question, he was disputing and calling into question the given republican’s facts and figures, oftentimes highlighting, in his opinion, the falsity of the facts that were just presented to him. I feel, though I may be wrong, that this is a result of opposing ideals that the elected officials have with one another, officials who were given their job by the American people. This discussion presents a sort of microcosm of the massive difference of opinion between so many people, but because of our two party political system, only the extremes on both sides of the political spectrum are represented, which resulted in the heavy disagreement of facts and knowledge as shown in the video. (I can feel myself slowly moving towards a political argument with no one in particular, through my underlying tone of disagreement with our two party system, so I believe I will stop here)

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