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Post  AdisaNasufovic on Fri Feb 08, 2013 3:30 am

While I was watching this Question and Answer video it was obvious that President and the Republicans were frustrated yet annoyed by each other. Common sense that the Republicans are going to disagree and question Obama with questions that make it obvious if he is becoming successful with the promises he made. I noticed ethos, pathos, and logos were all used in this video. An example of ethos in this video is the republicans give credit to Obama for the things he has done while he has been president. A specific example of pathos is when the politician mentions the father that is having difficulties providing for his family, which helps the republicans point in where they want to give their ideas about what should be done to help with the economy. And lastly an example of logos would be how the republicans use every single statement and question to show that Obama's promises are not being successful for the most part.
In this video the republicans first mentioned how the unemployment rate went from being 7.5 % up to 8% instead of decreasing like Obama promised it would. Obama then backfires and says the jobs lost in those first couple of months were not a part of his recovery act. Throughout this whole video, the topics that were involved were the unemployment rates, healthcare, and energy. Both sides have their opinion and their reason being. Also throughout the whole video the viewer can notice that the audience disagrees with the things Obama says, but they managed to show respect and calmness.


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