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Reading Response Obama

Post  nathanfree on Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:51 am

Nathan Freeman
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February 7, 2013
Reading Response

While watching this question and answer telecast, it was evident from the very beginning there would be disagreements between President Obama, a Democrat, and many of the Republican politicians. Many elaborate and difficult questions to answer were brought up throughout this interview session. Those asking the questions all have a different tone of voice. The first interviewer, Mike Pence, uses a calm and respectful voice when he questions President Obama on his methods to create new jobs for Americans. While giving his question, he presents Obama with the story of a father struggling to provide for his family. The father tells Congressman Pence about the lack of jobs today, compared to a couple years ago. Pence continues, asking if President Obama would accept their ideas to create jobs. This would be an example of pathos. Obama strikes back with numbers and facts stating that the economy was at its worst point in his first month of office and therefore not his fault. He gives everyone the number of people who were affected before his policies went into use. In his discussion with Pence, Obama stands his ground and states his methods will work.
Throughout this question and answer session it seems as if everyone in the room is against President Obama but in a calm and respectful manner. Many of the issues talked and asked about involve health care, energy, and how to escape from the recession. They ask, talk, and disagree with how he is going to solve the country’s problems, the way he believes to solve these problems, and how he has not followed through with many of the things he had stated when on the Presidential campaign run. When watching this video, it seems as if they disagree with everything President Obama has to say. When a representative from West Virginia and another from Utah show their disapproval they are given an applause from the audience to show they are disagreeing with President Obama and agreeing with what that Republican has to say. However, they leave unsaid what they can do to help President Obama in his decision-making and what they can do to help his campaign to bounce back the economy.
Although you may expect a political discussion between Republicans and Democrats to be heated and emotional, this one is not. President Obama and the Republicans asking the questions are very respectful and patient with their statements during this question and answer session even though they have to listen to his “job killing policies”. They respectfully ask each group to re-look at what they are doing and if it is the right thing to do, but in an irritated tone of voice. There are many occurrences of sarcasm during this time to avoid arguments and disrespect. At one point the President is given a set of questions, to which he says, “I’m having fun” and laughs along with the audience. It seems that during the entire video the tone of the audience and of the President is that of annoyance, irritation, and frustration but everyone is still able to ask respectful questions.


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