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Response 3

Post  James k on Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:35 am

This session of Q&A between the Republican representatives and President Obama begins with Republican Mike Pence, speaking in a very humble and respectful tone, utilizing pathos as he presents a story of suffering to the President. His story was about a young boy, David, in a Baltimore Salvation Army homeless facility whose father lost his job. Mike explains that the father of this 8th grader is unable to find work in the current economy, and that the family is facing poverty and struggle as a result. The point of this story is to show the President a real-life example of economical impact through the emotions of the common folk, and thus draw sympathy from him.
However, the President retaliated by saying that the rise in unemployment happened before his stimulus package took effect, he then went on to state numbers of jobs lost each month before his stimulus package. The President was trying to use logos to convey logic and numbers to prove his point, even if his recitation of statistics did not correctly combat the stark realism first presented. Both points were conveyed using logic, reasoning, and respect; even as the Q&A dragged on. There were a few times where both sides got slightly agitated, which was present in the tones of Obama and members of the republican party. To prevent the Q&A from turning hostile, a few questions and responses went unsaid in an effort to maintain that initial respect and humbleness that was first introduced in the beginning of the Q&A. The medium in which this Q&A was presented was beneficial to some degree, mainly because the audience can read the facial expressions of the speakers. However, a radio would possibly have been more effective in presenting the information in an unbiased way.

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