Assignment 3:Obama

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Assignment 3:Obama

Post  taylorfoster on Thu Feb 07, 2013 7:41 pm

This Q&A shows a lot of disagreements between Obama, who is a Democrat, and the Republican Party. Mike Pence, the very first Republican who speaks at the Q&A was talking using respect, but you could tell by his tone of voice he was frustrated. When he very first starts talking he uses pathos by telling the story of the boy named David and his father. He was talking about how David’s father was struggling to find a job. Mike pence then continues to say that the unemployment rate went from 7% to 10% in an annoyed tone. Mike then uses logos and ethos by telling everyone that Republicans offered a stimulus bill at the same time that would have cost half as much and created twice the jobs. Although Obama and the Republicans speaking were using words such as “respectfully” when asking questions the whole Q&A had an irritated tone. Throughout the Q&A the Republicans were blaming Obama for the issues in the U.S. without technically saying it. Almost every question that Obama answers he kind of has an “I’m right you’re wrong so sit down” tone throughout the whole video. He even comes back at Mike Pence by saying “And the notion that I would somehow resist doing something that cost half as much but would provide twice as many jobs--- why would I resist that? I wouldn’t.” Another Republican that confronts Obama is Jason Chaffetz. He basically says to Obama that he made so many promises to the U.S. that he did not keep. You could tell by Jason’s tone of voice he was very frustrated with Obama. Obama basically comes back and takes responsibility for some of the promises he didn’t keep and says that there were so many other things going on besides the promises he made, however, Obama’s tone of voice to me sounded like he was just frustrated with Jason for even pointing those things out. Towards the end of the video one of the speakers says that Tom Price has a question for you and then one more if you have time and Obama comes back and says, “I’m having fun.” I thought this was funny because he had a sarcastic smirk on his face when he said this like he was kind of saying ‘I’m having fun telling all these Republicans they are wrong’ without actually saying that. I found this whole Q&A very interesting because although the Republicans were being respectful to Obama and Obama was being respectful to the Republicans the whole tone of the Q&A was annoyance and frustration.


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