assignment 3 obama

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assignment 3 obama

Post  murphy on Thu Feb 07, 2013 3:55 pm

Political debates always involve disagreements and confrontation. Even though there is o debate taking place in this video, the president who happens to be a republican is taking on questions by his opposing party, republicans. Both political parties in this video make valid points from a non bias point of view. The republican party does a good job on making valid points and questioning the president on specific points. The beginning of the video starts off with a republican telling a story about an average american boy and his family that happens to be out of work, this politician does a very good job using ethos, or emotion, to convey his message that the president isn't keeping his promises. Many of the politicians are asking questions about specific propositions then leaves the statement unsaid that the president is not doing his job, and making empty promises. The politicians are using logos by conveying their beliefs with actual examples of how the president isn't successful in helping our country and they use pathos by giving the president credit by reminding the president of what he has said in the past. The entire video is using a serious tone of concern by the republicans and frustration by the president. Even though neither the president or the republicans come out and say that the other party's views are inaccurate, it is left unsaid that both believe that.


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