Assignment 2, Into the Blogosphere

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Assignment 2, Into the Blogosphere

Post  Nick Jones on Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:16 pm

Kairos, as it used in rhetorical situations, is most basically saying the right thing at the right time. This means you must consider your audience and what appeals to them, speaking in a way as not to lose their interest, but also not shock or disgust them. This becomes important in blogging only if your blog is intended to convince or sway your audience in one direction, such as in politics. However, if you have a blog that posts great recipes, it hardly matters when you post what.

Today there exists a blog for every subject. From music to electronics to sex to baking. Some are your average, run of the mill, family oriented content. Yet some promote voyeurism, and share with anyone who dare read the deepest and most intimate secrets of a person's life. There is some controversy over whether or not this is right. I say that with the freedom of speech and expression we have in this country, people should be allowed to post what tickles their fancy. That's not to say that I or anyone else has to like it, but the beautiful thing is, we also don't have to view it.

I believe voyeurism is important in how we understand reading and writing for one simple reason. Voyeurism sells. As it said in the text, in the 1990s there was an outburst of authors who published glimpses into their lives, some even detailed enough to make it seem as though you were there. And they became best sellers and movie adaptations! That is why personal blogs, reality tv, and biographical literature is so prevalent these days. People love to commiserate with others, or use others' pain to make their lives seem better.

As for the three questions for class, I'm a tid bit late for that. But here goes some questions:
1. Why don't people spend more time making their own lives as badass as all these people they hear about?
2. Why is it offensive that bloggers post such private issues? (Just ignore it.)
3. Is blogging going to cease with the rise of modern social networking?

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