Assignment 1, Chapter 3

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Assignment 1, Chapter 3

Post  Nick Jones on Wed Feb 06, 2013 9:51 pm

In explaining rhetorical situation and analysis to a friend, I would start by saying that it is basically a guideline to follow in writing in order to be most effective in you task. It consists of four parts: writer, reader, text, and medium. The writer must consider not only what message he wishes to purvey, but also how he wants to appear to his readers and what he hopes to accomplish. The writer also must consider his intended audience. He must consider what hey wants the audience to do with the information given, and also if his audience will comprehend his message with the words and examples used. As far as text, the writer must consider which writing style would most perfectly portray the message. And last but not least, the writer must consider what medium he uses in order to write his message. Some may be more appropriate than others, such as a formal invitation card to a wedding rather than a text message.

I feel that online writings these days appeal most to logos, pathos, and ethos differently as the writers goal changes. For instance, a trusted newspaper's website or a scientific blog would want you to believe what they post, and would most likely be appealing to ethos. However, a philosophical forum or blog or any website trying to convince you of one side in a hotly debated issue would appeal not only to ethos, but also logos. Some, such as anti-abortion or poverty, might even turn to pathos by posting heart wrenching, sickening images. And then there will always be those comedy sights that use black humor by shocking and going sharply against what people think to be right, decent, and normal. These sights don't care about ethos, and use almost an anti logos and pathos in a comedic form. The point is, it depends on what the online writer wishes to accomplish.

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