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assignment 1

Post  murphy on Wed Feb 06, 2013 3:19 pm

The term rhetorical situation is a way to address a topic to a certain audience. Depending on who your audience may be can influence the way you bring up a topic,if i were to address an audience, no matter who it may be, i would use personal examples. If i were trying to convey a topic to a group of friends, i would use examples that would attract the attention of a nineteen year old girl.
The most common type of writing i do online would be on social networks, and when i convey my thoughts on twitter or Facebook it is most common for me to write with ethos, which appeals to emotion. If i were choosing to write something then obviously i would talk about something that is relevant to my thoughts and uses emotion about how i am feeling at that time. The second most common tactic i would use would be logos, or logic. It would not be logical for me to be bad mouthing a certain type of person when i know that person follows my posts, it would be insincere and start a lot of confrontation that i would not want to be posted online. The least likely i would use would be pathos, or to give credibility to someone else. Since i am not an experienced writer i do not personally know exactly when it is appropriate for me to give credit to another writer. Also i do not convey my thoughts on popular blogs so i do not feel like it would be necessary for me to do so. I feel as if an experienced and popular writer knows how to exactly use all three of these types in his writings, because they do it all the time.


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