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Blogger Reading Response

Post  keenanada on Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:25 am

Kairos is the right time and place for a rhetoric situation.

A main concern with modern blogs is privacy. In the 21st century, even with the extensive privacy settings available, information can always be hacked and viewed in some way. Another concern is thievery. With all the personal information posted on blogs, it opens the gateway for identity theft. Also, originality is depleted because bloggers can snowball ideas off of other blogs they happen upon.

Voyeurism can be described as an unseemly interest in others as curiosities, not as moral equals. Voyeurism has become synonymous with information access and the public's right to know. "Seeing is knowing, not just believing." Websites such as would peak voyeurs interest because it is information being displayed visually. Voyeurism is important in understanding writing because with voyeurs in mind, writers will write pieces that will keep them interested. For example, bloggers will post about celebrities and give detailed accounts of their lives because readers want to have insight on them. Many voyeurs view celebrities as icons, and if they can relate to them the reader often receives a self-esteem boost.

Three questions that I have about the reading are:
1. What could be done to help increase privacy on blogs?
2. How do blogs prevent theft of their information?
3. Are blogs becoming more DE-personalized due to the lack of privacy?


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