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reading response 2

Post  James k on Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:44 pm

Kairos is a Greek word which means, "waiting for the opportune moment to act."
I feel that even though a weblog is a great place to talk to people online, unless you truly know the person in real life, you have absolutely no idea who the person on the other side of the screen really is. Which could be a potentially dangerous situation. It was recent news that a star football or basketball player was "dating" a person he met online, and turns out the person didn't even exist. I feel that as long as you do not under any circumstance give out your personal information.

voyeurism in writing is the act of looking into someones personal life, which on an weblog just sounds like a bad idea. If you're talking to someone you know about your personal life, then it can really be a good thing because it lets the other person experience your feelings and what your going through. This experience, especially if the conversation is about a problem you are having (being bullied for this instance), can provide the other person clues as to what they can do to give you advice and help you through a troubling time.

Are there blogs that edit out your personal info if you try to say it in a conversation? I feel like that would be a beneficial add-on.
What would compel someone to give out their personal info on an open forum?

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