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Post  nathanfree on Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:00 pm

Nathan Freeman
English 1000-44
February 3, 2012
Reading Response 2
The online dictionary of “” defines the Greek word, kairos, as “a propitious moment for decision or action” or an opportunity. Much of the reading informs us of the opportunities that lie within blogging. Current events and subjects ranging from scandals to sports can be greatly emphasized by the opportunities given to us through the blog. Ever since blogging originated in the late 1990s as a cultural movement, the number of kairos given to us has been endless.
It is easy to say that the blogging world is now bigger than ever, and is continuing to increase in popularity. But with the rising use of the blog, many issues have also begun to rise because of it. Problems such as online bullying, publishing false or unreliable information, inappropriate content for children, and especially publishing private information are great threats for blog users today. The posting of private information is exactly what stalkers and thieves are searching for. The web is an unsafe environment for the posting of any information, especially when it involves your personal and private information that is viewable for a large amount of blog users. When finished with the reading, it is easy to agree that blogging is a major issue today, due to privacy no longer being private and the responsibilities of an individual to prevent the threats that are involved when blogging.
The reading tells us voyeurism is “the consumption of revealing images of and information about others’ apparently revealed and unguarded lives, often yet not always for purposes of entertainment…” Through voyeurism we are able to get a glimpse into people’s lives, thanks to what the Internet and media has to offer us and when blogging, we are given the opportunity to view many of their thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. With this, the person reading is able to connect with the person they are viewing.

1.) Are voyeurism and the issues of blogging related?
2.) Are there multiple ways to describe voyeurism?
3.) Are there more kairos or risks in blogging? What about ten years ago?


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