Assisgnment 2 Weblog response

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Assisgnment 2 Weblog response

Post  Demetrius.Ste on Mon Feb 04, 2013 3:34 am

From reading this article about weblogs I ran across a word I never seen before; kairos. I believe kairos means the writing goes along with whatever the situation may be. For example, in the article its say kairos describes both the sense in which discourse is understood as fitting and timely. Just from those last few words "fitting and timely", makes me define kairos as something begin right for the situation. From my understanding is seems as if these weblogs users subconsciously rely on kairos to create/post their blogs. While reading this I continued to get this feeling that the main argument here is public vs private. During these times now most people are concern with the blogs because, its seems as if people's "private" life is know becoming public. For example, the girl they discussed in the beginning of the article who says " there's not a lot I won't put on there because I love to be the center of attention." It was said that she blogs her private relationships with her friends and boyfriend all the time, and post them to the public. My main concern about this blogging idea is how private is this? Meaning can anyone see something someones else blogs, or is it only certain authorized viewers. Or do I have a friend like the girl I mentioned, who puts our private life on the blogs. In this reading we come across a term called "voyeurism", which is the consumption of revealing images of/and information about others...etc (Calvert,2000). I personally feel this term has high importance in our society now, because we constantly look for information to judge the next person off of. Therefore it forms how we read (interpret) an image/information, and the same thing applies for our writing.
After reading this I did have 3 questions/confusions:
1)What is genre analysis?
2)What kind of article was this? (informational, debate, pro/con)
3)Is technology the reason behind all of this?


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