Assignment 2 Blogging Response

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Assignment 2 Blogging Response

Post  Nicklauskro on Mon Feb 04, 2013 3:33 am

Kairos directly refers to time, in rhetoric context it means "a passing instant when an opening appears which must be driven through with force if success is to be achieved." Kairos is especially important in blogging as blogging often involves detailed opinions or criticisms of recent events of varying degrees of importance. Blogging has dramatically increased in popularity and concerns have risen with it. Most of the concerns are about the fine line between public and private. It sheds some light on the private parts of light. I think it is impossible to set a definite line, and it varies from person to person. I believe that sometimes blogs do get carried away and certain things should be private and stay private.

Voyeurism is the act of seeing into the private lives of others. Blogs are a way of allowing others to look into their private lives and the private lives of others. Voyeurism brings up questions about how far is to far. It also questions the rhetorical situation of the person creating blog by creating a target audience and conveying ideas or thoughts to them with a blog. As readers it is important to know that while we are getting a look at the truth, it may not be the whole truth and a good majority of the time the truth we do see is slanted.

If we have, always been interested in the private lives of others why is it until now we try and define lines.
Some blogs are serious and helpful, others are for the sheer pleasure of including others into your life are these the same genre of blog?
Most blogs are slanted, so, are they truly a valid source of information? What gives them credibility?


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