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Blogging Response

Post  kathrynad on Mon Feb 04, 2013 3:26 am

Kairos is defined as the right or most opportune moment to do something. Or it could also mean a time when something special happens.

There are many concerns that come with having a weblog, including but not limited to the people that can see the blog. People can post anything they want on their blog but depending on what it is, other people may get very offended by it. I agree with this concern because although people have the right to post anything they want on their blog, it could really offend someone reading that blog. Concerns I have with this are that since bullying is such a widespread occurrence these days, people could easily bully many people on their blog. When people get bullied there are many repercussions that come along with it. Blogging can cause serious problems and many times people don’t even realize it.

Voyeurism is looking in on someone else when they are not aware someone is watching. Voyeurism is important in understanding writing or reading in blogs because the writer does not know who will be reading the article but they are still sharing all of their personal details for people to look at.

Should people be able to talk about other people without consent on their blogs.
Should anyone be able to look at someones blog?
What does the term Kairos mean in literary terms?


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