Blogging as Social Action Response

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Blogging as Social Action Response

Post  mgreteman on Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:38 am

Merriam-Webster defines kairos as "a time when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action", or "the opportune and decisive moment". In the reading, they apply the meaning of the word kairos to blogging, saying that it "arises from a dynamic, adaptive relationship between discourse and kairos.

The reading also discusses problems with weblogs. One of the major concerns is how blogs are an intersection of the public and private. Clearly people's public lives and private lives have serious differences, and blogs tend to tiptoe on the border of public and private lives. I agree with this concern, mainly because of the fact that blogs can be completely open for anyone with internet access to view, but could express someone's very personal thoughts. Another problem that I have with blogs is that it takes away from face-to-face interaction between people. Even though it is fun to be able to share thoughts through something like a blog, it is just another way for people to become somewhat confined to the internet and not as willing to communicate thoughts with actual words. Especially when it comes to people's serious problems, the internet is good for fun things, but should not be used when someone is in trouble or danger.

Voyeurism is essentially people looking into other peoples' lives, through some form of mass media, usually the internet. Blogging is a great example of this because people use blogs to express their ideas and thoughts, which other people can see whenever they want. Obviously it is easier for us to understand something if we see it, so voyeurism help us to understand what we read or write.

1. How can we relate the term "kairos" to other aspects of life?
2. Is there a difference between voyeurism and mediated voyeurism?
3. What is the future of blogging?


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